Waveforms at the Museum of Science

Waveforms at the Museum of Science

On July 13, we were delighted to be included in the Waveforms Multimedia Art Occurrence at the Museum of Science in Boston. Our piece, Tipping Point, was designed to convey the multitude of variables that support a healthy environment. This interplay of factors was illustrated by a game of Jenga projected next to AI visions of what begins as a healthy environment. When enough critical variables are removed, the tower collapses- and so does our environment. With the power of generative AI, we can visualize what that destroyed environment might look like.

Our piece was projected on the wall of the atrium alongside the famous Archimedean Excogitation kinetic sculpture. We also had an interactive game of Jenga re-imagined through this environmental lens for everyone to play.

Thanks to Masary Studios for curating this event, Illuminus for the gorgeous projection mapping, and the Museum of Science for hosting this event. Thanks as well to all the other artists and collaborators who made this event happen!

See more about the event here: https://www.waveforms.media/


Anna Buchele; Serge Vasylechko; Phillip Cherner; Valentina Perosa; Cassandra Lee; Erik Strand